Stihl HS45 24"

Stihl HS45 24"

SKU: HS45 24"
Light introductory model for garden trimming. With Elastostart for comfortable starting.

STIHL hedge trimmers, long-reach hedge trimmers and pole pruners are true specialists in their areas of operation. The STIHL hedge trimmers are specially designed for use in park and landscape maintenance, and are also suitable for large private gardens. STIHL long-reach hedge trimmers are the ideal addition to the classic hedge trimmer because of their longer reach. With STIHL pole pruners you can cut hard to reach branches safely and comfortably. Hedge trimmers, long-reach hedge trimmers, pole pruners

  • Key Features

    * Tool free filler cap -

    Special filler cap for easy opening and closing.


    * High performance engine -

    Thanks to its innovative technology the heavy-duty engine is extremely powerful and highly efficient.


    * Uncompromising lightweight -

    Compact engine and gearhead especially designed for light hedge trimmers.


    * Long-life air filter system -

    Provides for long cleaning intervals and reliable protection of the engine.


    * Geometrically designed cutter -

    The cutter geometry and the special gearing for trimming and cutting back ensures highest cutting quality.


    * Handle bar design -

    The ergonomic arrangement of the handle bar and the optimal balance makes work more comfortable and less exhausting.


    * Elastostart